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1. General Terms & Conditions

2. Submission Requirements for Clients providing artwork

General Terms & Conditions

All terms and conditions listed below are applicable to all engagements of service(s) with Chen & Chin Pte Ltd (C&C).

  1. A deposit will be required to confirm order while the remaining amount is payable once printing plate is approved for printing to proceed.

  2. C&C strive to keep contents of its services and work neutral and not offensive in nature. All themes related to personal, political, racial, religious and sexual suggestions will be disallowed. Attacking of others and defamation is prohibited. C&C will to the best of ability to ensure the contents of are healthy, entertaining and beneficial.

  3. “Working Day” refers to non-holiday days from Mondays to Fridays, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and gazetted public holidays in local calendars applicable.

  4. Should clients require specifically stated deadline, a rush job fee of maximum up to one hundred percent (100%) will be charged for rush jobs.

  5. If the advertising material is not in accordance with required specifications listed below, C&C will do its best to rectify any potential non-satisfactory errors but it shall not be the responsibility of C&C to do so. C&C shall not be responsible for unsatisfactory reproduction of such non-adherence to requirements unless otherwise undertaken by C&C.

  6. C&C reserves the rights to make adjustments to the given artwork etc without notice if they do not meet its required printing standards, and a token fee is applicable for such additional services. This fees shall be communicated and approved by the clients before C&C is to start the assignment.

  7. All booking requests shall be final and legally binding upon submission and may not be cancelled or rescheduled once work has begun unless C&C had earlier committed to it in writing. C&C reserves the right to reject any Booking Request or request for cancellation or rescheduling in its sole discretion without assigning any reason therefore, whether or not the Booking Request or request for cancellation or rescheduling is made before the deadlines specified and the client and the their managing agency (Agency) shall have no claim against C&C therefore. In the event that C&C agrees to a request for any cancellation or rescheduling submitted the next working day after booking, such cancellation or rescheduling shall be subject to the forfeit of 50% deposit. C&C reserve the rights to adjust the deposit charges based on previous cancellation track records.

  8. For the avoidance of doubt, where no Agency is involved, the client shall be solely liable for all matters under its advertising agreements with C&C.

  9. In the event that C&C receives conflicting instructions, requests or other notices from a client and an Agency, or more than one Agency purporting to act on behalf of the client, C&C shall be entitled to act on any such instruction, request or notice to the exclusion of others and/or to deal with only the client or any one of such Agencies.

  10. Both the client and Agency hereby jointly and severally represents and warrants that all Advertising Materials submitted to C&C shall not:-

    1. infringe the intellectual property rights or the rights or interests of any person;

    2. contain false or unwarranted claims for any product or service and/or defamatory statements;

    3. constitute amount to/or be deemed an unfair practice under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act (Cap. 52A); or

    4. be otherwise contrary to any statute or law of any country or state.

    5. For the avoidance of doubt, C&C shall be entitled to rely on the foregoing warranties and shall have no duty or obligation whatsoever to confirm the accuracy or veracity of such warranties.

  11. All clients’ artwork and artwork materials are supplied and delivered to C&C at the clients’ and the Agency’s sole cost and risk, and such C&C will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the artwork and artwork materials howsoever caused. C&C reserves the right to destroy all artwork and artwork materials after a period of one (1) month from their receipt, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

  12. The client and Agency shall be jointly and severally liable to pay all fees incurred through bookings with C&C. Failure of payment shall render the client and Agency jointly and severally liable for all sums due, together with all legal costs on an indemnity basis incurred in collecting such sums. Where the client is an Accredited Agency, C&C shall be entitled to claim against the Banker’s Guarantee(s) furnished by the Agency C&C upon breach of the client’s payment obligations herein, without prejudice to any other right or remedy which C&C may have hereunder, under law, in equity or otherwise.

  13. All rights, title and interest (including without limitation copyright) in the artworks and other productions produced by C&C for the client or Agency shall belong to and shall vest solely to C&C, who shall be entitled to their unlimited use in whatsoever way it deems fit, and the client and Agency hereby assigns any and all rights, title and interests it may have (if any) in any and all such productions to C&C, and undertakes to execute any further documents in order to procure or perfect this transfer and/or C&C ownership of the same. As such, it is not necessary to provide the artwork working file to clients and if necessary, C&C reserves the right to provide the artwork in medium that shall safeguard its interest and intellectual property in ways C&C deems as right. The clients may purchase such intellectual property from C&C at a fee agreed upon by both parties.

  14. The client and Agency understand and agree that any and all information, materials, data, rates, booking, sponsorship and/or package details, disclosed by C&C to the client and/or the Agency, whether in oral or written form, (“Confidential Information”) is of a strictly secret and confidential nature and the client and Agency jointly and severally undertake not to disclose, communicate or otherwise release to any other third party any such Confidential Information.

  15. C&C may at any time, amend, vary or supplement these Terms and Conditions.

  16. These Terms and Conditions spelt out here shall represent the terms and conditions of operations of those in the Taiwan office, represented by 真晉廣告有限公司.

  17. All payments must be crossed and made payable to “Chen & Chin Pte Ltd” (by cheque) Or via Bank Transfer to Overseas-Chinese Bank Corporation Singapore (OCBC Singapore) (Bank Code 7339) Account number 641-381645-001. Receipts may be requested in writing.

Submission Requirements for Clients providing artwork
  1. All colour elements must be set in CMYK for colour ads. For black and white ads, colour should be set to grayscale.

  2. Spot-colour advertisements will be printed as CMYK matched colours.

  3. Resolution – All image resolution must be at least 300dpi.

  4. Dark colour backgrounds are not advisable, as it will affect visibility and functional performance of @paper for end-users.

  5. High contrast between colours is recommended for text and images/background to ensure clarity of message.

  6. White text reversed on a 4-colour background should at least 14 points. A boldface san serif type is recommended.

  7. All line copies should not be less than 7 points.

  8. Artwork must be submitted in softcopy in PDF, PSD, AI, EPS and TIFF format only.

  9. All special fonts must be converted to path upon submission.

  10. Avoid intricate layering blends as they may not turn out as expected on print. Using complex patterns as fills and masking photos to latter may cause problems at output. EPS and TIFF formats work well for graphic files. When saving Photoshop EPS files, do not tick halftone screen, transfer function and postscript colour management.

  11. Submission of hardcopy (together with softcopy) of final design is possible for the purpose of proofing, but not required.


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